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We have over hundred diverse nutrition and exercise programs for every life situation in our online store. When you start a fitness project or lifestyle change, you can easily choose the right program for your situation and goal.

In addition to the email attachment, the exercise programs come with our free downloadable application, which is easy to use to implement the programs and track your goals and progression. The application is available in Finnish and English in Google Play and iTunes. Our customer service team will assist you with any questions and help you choose the best program for you.

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We offer organizations unlimited access to our nutrition and exercise programs. This gives employees the opportunity to move from one program to the next to maintain their progression. We recommend that you update the program every 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your situation.

Unlimited access is available to you quickly and you can start selecting programs right away. Orders are made with a company-specific code that is freely distributed to the work community. This is a simple way to increase your overall well-being and improve your work capability!

This opportunity is the only one of its kind on the market. We will offer you the best price and we will exceed your expectations!

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